How To Know What Hogwarts House Am I?

Harry Potter- Every time and everyone’s chosen one-

Harry Potter is one the most liked series of books and movies in the world. J.K Rowling must be wanting this to be successful, but it came up with an addition of superhit, and that was the main reason for multiple series coming up of this. Harry Potter made the childhood of 2000s kids very beautiful, amazing, and interesting. It had been the best source of entertainment, and no kid wouldn’t have disliked it. Instead, children could watch and read the same part of the whole series again and again. It’s an evergreen piece which would be liked by everyone, at every age and at whatever time they watch it. Children, youngsters, adults, everyone likes it. People started relating themselves with the characters, the situations, or wanted those magics to happen in real life. The imagination became a source of entertainment and also wanted things. After reading or watching one part, people used to wait for the next one to release as soon as possible. The thrill and the excitement brought up by the writings are very commendable.

About it-

The whole Harry Potter plot revolves around a group of friends, a school, teachers there, another group of kids, the magic book, and the magic practices. All of this collectively served a full packet of entertainment to the audience and the readers. People had their favourite parts of the series, story, their favourite character, and many other things. There were plays done in the schools or parties done with the Harry Potter theme in schools, colleges, etc. It has been a whole season or trend for people. The things used in the series have used props and other decorative items in different places. There are copies and all made for the kids as a gift piece or playing piece. Hogwarts was the school, and every school has different houses, and so did Hogwarts, but it was different from the normal ones because the school was also different from the normal ones.

Every house had a particular work and its feel, and everyone used to think of themselves as part of those houses according to their choices and favouritism. The characters were distributed in houses in the series to have a better learning and competitive environment among the characters, which was felt by the people reading or watching it. It turned out so well that people started putting themselves in those places. They participated in the whole series in their mind. This way, the audience became the primary part of the whole Harry Potter series and played a major role than any other section. The people hit the writer, the story, the cast, and the whole series.

Achievements of the series and provided by the series to others-

The cast gained a huge fan following through this and became big stars in no time. The popularity and the response from the public made the writer come up with more parts in the future forcefully, and this way, the whole series will remain a hit always. There were games, and other activities played online and offline in the series. One of them is what hogwarts house am I in, which has many participants because they want to know this eagerly.

The thrill still being maintained is proof of the craze that time kids would have had of it. The new kids who are now watching it are reacting the same way, which could be the greatest achievement. Children still want to know their character, house, group, and many other things their characteristics could be related to. So, what hogwarts house am i has become an online and offline game where one could know it by their personality defining. The audience has loved each character, whether it’s a negative one or a heroic one. Not only the characters but the stars who played them have got equal love. The whole team has grown with Harry Potter with each part coming up, and it is bigger and bigger every time and its success. So, it is shared by the writer and the whole team because without them, and it wouldn’t have been presented so well. People feel grateful to all of them for gifting such a gem of the piece to them forever.

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