The Essence of Direct Marketing

Today, direct marketing technologies are actively used in many countries around the world. Under it, it is necessary to understand the interaction of the manufacturer with the end-user. How long has the technology appeared? What is hard marketing? You will find answers to such and other equally interesting questions in reading the article.

Definition of concept

Direct marketing is nothing more than a form of advertising that excludes all channels of information transfer, except directly to the final consumer. In other words, under the technology being tested, it is necessary to understand the interaction of an interactive nature between the seller (the producer) and the final consumer for the sale of tradable products. It is important to add that direct marketing is one of the main tools of marketing communication. Thus, when a commercial or nonprofit organization contacts the consumer directly, except for intermediaries, direct (direct) marketing. –

The Direction of Exposure

As it turned out, direct marketing of a company is nothing more than a situation in which a manufacturer (seller) communicates directly with the target audience through direct communication with each of its representatives in an individual program. In general, through direct marketing, it is necessary to fully understand all types of communication with the relevant players, whose aim is somehow to create a dialogue. It is important to add that direct marketing is mainly focused on target consumers. It is implemented through a potential customer list, established by factory employees. As mentioned above, direct marketing is a technology by which mass media is used. The main ones are phone and mail.

The Objectives of Direct Marketing

The key goal of direct marketing is to communicate with a potential customer, which somehow provokes a positive response and, accordingly, purchases a product or service. Direct marketing is an effective way to influence a potential customer by performing the following tasks:

Leading generation.

Filtering direct marketing factors, that is, selecting the candidates needed for a potential clientele from a large-scale target audience.

Converts selected parties (potential buyers) to real customers. Acquiring new customers. Customer retention and further development of the relationship with them. Formulating the necessary reviews and final decisions on the part of potential customers (an undetectable effect on them).

Direct marketing

One of the most successful examples of using direct marketing is an American airline advertising campaign. It is no secret that many letters of an advertising nature do not reach the heads of organizations, and remain with secretaries. Thus, American Airlines employees decided to designate the company secretaries as the target audience for their message. Employees of the American building sent them leaflets, as well as bouquets of flowers. Interestingly, the success of this campaign has been decisive. Why? Everything is very simple: often the decisions regarding booking plane tickets for managers are made precisely by secretaries. –

The benefits of direct marketing

Like any type of communication in consulting, tourism, or selling a furniture product through a catalog. These are not considered an excellent strategy. The absolute benefits of direct marketing are the following: Option for simplified integration into CRM systems.

  • Media selectivity.
  • High performance (due to the personal nature of the offer).
  • Confidentiality of information regarding the terms of cooperation.
  • Establishing long-term relationships through a dialogue option of communication.

Direct marketing today in the global market, direct marketing is developing three times more intensely than advertising in the media. Plus, it brings twice as much profit. As an additional tool for increasing sales, direct marketing was recently used in the wholesale binder of the marketing channel (not in terms of buyers, but intermediaries). Thus, the technique that is considered in the article allows you to create systemic communication fully. After all, direct dialogue allows not only to realize the product but also to generate the right public opinion about it. Joash Boyton planned to bring information to his clients about the launch of a new Venture.

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