Best And Affordable Lodging In Silverton – Comfort At Pocket-Friendly Prices

Travelling is a lot of fun. One can explore and get to know the culture of the world. Travelling is only fun when one has a good, comfortable, clean and cosy place to stay. People book luxurious hotels to have a comfortable stay in whichever country or city they visit. But some people who look for budget-friendly rooms and hotels turn to lodge and motel services. A motel, also known as a lodge, are services that are offered at a cheaper rate for those who are travelling by car or want to save money. The difference between a hotel and a motel is that a hotel is made with several floors containing hundreds of rooms, but a motel consists of 2-3 floors max with not many rooms. These were originally designed for people travelling by automobile, with a convenient location and parking space would also be provided. They serve all kinds of people, from commercial and business travellers to persons attending conventions and meetings as well as vacationers and tourists.

What are Motels?

 Motels and lodging in Silverton are very affordable and cater to all needs of an individual. Certain famous companies take care of these needs. They provide a wide range of services as well as prices. These companies also have interactive websites that one can go through before planning their trip. There is an insane amount of information that helps them in planning and keeps them comfortable and safe. A very famous motel in Silverton has proved to be the base to explore the San Juan Mountains during all seasons. 


  • Free parking for guests with overflow lots for trailers and Ethanol-free fuel that is available for travellers staying there.
  • Shops, restaurants, groceries and other tourist destinations are just a short walk away from their motels and recently opened convenience store and gas station.
  • Easy drive that takes one to 4×4 trails and the mountains.
  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast, Direct TV – 32″ Flat Screen TVs, Free is wifi available 24/7 available in the rooms
  • Knowledgeable, Friendly, Helpful staff that pamper the customers with a coffee Maker, Daily Housekeeping Service, Flat Screen TV, Microwave, Mini Fridge, Non-Smoking, Shower, and Alarm Clock in the room
  • Family and pet friendly and clean rooms that are newly renovated on the first floor with King size beds or queen beds and bathrooms.
  • By being open all year round and with lower rates during spring and fall season one can enjoy mountain views with a location on the OHV route or through the windows of their comfortable rooms consisting of king, queen, and twin sized beds along with ensuite bathrooms and kitchen in the special suites.

Why choose them?

This motel is located in a very small and peaceful town like Silverton. Staying here during different seasons has its perks. For instance, in winter people can enjoy skiing and ice skating in the mountains. And also have a look at great Snowshoe trails. During summer people can have a look at the 4th of July fireworks or go on adventurous hiking trails. With the best rates and options to book online and such amazing views and access to all kinds of shops and restaurants, the location of this motel in Silverton has proved to be very useful for people.

 To conclude this is a very reasonable and budget-friendly place where one can enjoy and save money at the same time. Everything from free parking to free breakfast and wifi is provided with the perfect room according to one’s needs. They also think about physically disabled people and provide accessible and special rooms for them.

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