Facts you should know about Buy Google Reviews

Your company appears on Google Maps with an overall rating of two stars out of five and four reviews. You had a few unhappy customers owing to circumstances beyond your control, and they posted terrible reviews that had almost damaged your internet by Google Bewertungen kaufen(Buy Google Reviews) reputation before you had an opportunity to create it. You have replied to the unfavorable evaluations, demonstrating to your customers and observers that you care about what they have to say, and you have taken steps to rectify the situation. However, the harm has been done, and the next time someone searches for your company, they will likely scroll past you.

But…is it worthwhile, Ways to Purchase Google Reviews?

Despite being unlawful, buying these false reviews is very straightforward. If you enter “buy Google reviews” into Google, you will see several ads for black-hat online reputation organizations claiming to “raise your rating” and “hide those poor reviews.” Doesn’t it sound enticing? Alternatively, freelancers on Fiverr or Up Work may be eager to earn a fast buck by providing an excellent review for your firm. Make a job posting and pay $10 to freelancers for a favorable rating, and voilà! You have an outstanding internet reputation. Sadly, nothing valuable in life is simple, and the same holds for your internet evaluations. In addition to being deemed unlawful by the FTC, phony fake reviews violate Google’s standards. If that wasn’t enough, they are also a poor business practice that may negatively impact your company.

You Might Pay More Than The Reviews Indicate

Shall we do some mathematics? We’ll make it simple so you can continue reading with your phone in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in the other, and we’ll do the job for you. Okay, so let’s assume you hire 30 freelancers at $10 apiece to write reviews. That’s $300. For that money, you could run a small Facebook advertisement.

One week later, you had 15 clients who said they came because of the positive evaluations. Each of them spent $30. Fifteen times 30 is $450. Excellent, right? You earned an additional $150 in the first week, which is only the beginning. Then, though, someone begins to understand. Google’s algorithms (using Fake Spot) detect these reviews, resulting in the deletion of your Google My Business page and a $45,000 punishment. 45,000 plus 300 equals $45,300. $45,300 minus $450 equals $44,850.

Was it valuable?

This is a fictional illustration of how this behavior might impact your company, although it is based on actual situations. For instance, in 2013, New York penalized 19 businesses for $350,000 for publishing fraudulent evaluations.

It isn’t easy to improve your business

Negative reviews that criticize particular parts of your organization might be beneficial despite how tough they may be to read. When your consumers tell you precisely what needs to be addressed, you have the chance to reconsider current procedures and enhance them for future clients. When you bury such evaluations, you deny your company the opportunity to enhance the critical features to keep your actual consumers satisfied. It demonstrates that you care more about your false online consumers than your actual ones, which is never a good indication for a business.


Plus, if you make it as simple as possible for you and your consumers, there is practically no excuse not to ask. Therefore, please put on your best grin, interact with consumers, and solicit their opinions. It is the most pleasing thing you can do for your company and yourself. As previously said, a fantastic strategy is to get more (authentic) reviews by Google Bewertungen kaufen(Buy Google Reviews) to make the process as simple as possible for you and the consumer. With our free app, it is simple to email a link to the review immediately, even if you have several locations. Once downloaded, your personnel may send a personalized link to a customer’s phone within seconds of completing a transaction.

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